Biamp VSX41 Video Switcher (2nd hand)

€ 50,00

Biamp VSX41 Video Switcher (2nd hand)

4 inputs, 1 output BNC/RCA


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€ 50,00


Steeds goed onderhouden videoswitcher met 4 ingangen (BNC/RCA) en 1 uitgang (BNC/RCA). Kan ook ingesteld worden dat de 4 ingangen 4 uitgangen worden met 1 enkele ingang.


VSX41 Video Switcher provides four video inputs and one
video output, with source selection and remote control functions. Passive
switching allows the VSX41 to be used as either a switcher or router, and for
either video or audio signals. The VSX41 is designed to operate independently
or in conjunction with other ADVANTAGE products, such as the SPM412e
Stereo Preamp/Mixer. The VSX41 Video Switcher is ideally suited for
applications such as sports bars, meeting rooms, class rooms, auditoriums,
multi-media presentation, and tele-conferencing. The VSX41 is versatile, costeffective,
easy to install, and carries a five-year warranty.
VSX41 features include:
♦ four video inputs, each with both BNC and RCA connectors
♦ one video output, with both BNC and RCA connectors
♦ front panel push-buttons select from the four input sources
♦ front panel infrared receiver for remote control of switching
♦ two rear panel ports for infrared and/or wall-mount controls
♦ ’remote output’ for control of other ADVANTAGE products
♦ ’logic inputs’ for control from other ADVANTAGE products
♦ ’remote translator’ for interface to third-party controllers
♦ compatible with most AMX®
♦ ’switching’ function assigns 1-of-4 inputs to a single output
♦ ’routing’ function assigns single input to 1-of-4 outputs
♦ selectable ’back-termination’ for video or audio applications
♦ dry contact relay switching for complete ground isolation
♦ covered by Five-Year ’Gold Seal’ Warranty
♦ UL listed power source

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