Sennheiser RS 120 II

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€ 85,00

Sennheiser RS 120 II

Audio Headphones Stereo Wireless

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€ 85,00


The Sennheiser RS120 II is an open, stereo, supraaural, wireless RF headphone system that delivers great transparent and well-balanced sound.

Matched with exceptional bass response, it is ideal for TV applications and all music types. It also provides outstanding comfort while its unique ?easy recharge? function makes charging a breeze. Experience a world of premium quality and total freedom of sound.

Features Sennheiser RS 120 II

- Detailed, analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response
- Suitable for all types of modern music and TV applications
- Wireless freedom with reception through walls and ceilings
- Range of up to 100 metres (300 feet)
- Control elements conveniently positioned to provide easy, intuitive operation
- Transmitter with metal cradle for storing and recharging the headphones
- Optional wall mounting of transmitter possible
- Very lightweight headphones, extremely comfortable to wear
- Appealing, modern design
- Rechargeable NiMH batteries included (size: AAA)
- 2-year warranty

Additional Info

Extra informatie

Merk Sennheiser
hoofdtelefoon constructie open
Soort over-ear (closed)
draaibare oorschelp nee
Inklapbaar nee
type audioconnector 3,5mm jack, 6,3mm jack
volumeregeling Ja
Geintegreerde microfoon nee
Ruisonderdrukking nee
Connecteren via Bluetooth nee
Draadloos ja
Draadloos bereik 100m
Accu ja
Accuduur 20uur
Oplaadtijd Nee
Lengte kabel Nee
Afmetingen 85 x 225 x 133 mm
gewicht Nee
Kleur Zwart, Zilver